Confessions of a Pug Mum: Why I Chose to Get a Second Pug

Confessions of a Pug Mum: Why I Chose to Get a Second Pug |

When is the right time to add another pug to the family? I battled with that for some time before I chose to get a second pug. And then would I get a puppy or rescue a pug? Why I chose to get a second pug wasn’t an easy decision but one I felt I needed to make.

I had been wanting to get a second pug for ages. But when is the right time to get one? I had thought about it when Ref was around 2 or so and he was still quite full on and just didn’t think I could handle another one of him. And of course then I was working so having the time to put into raising a good puppy wasn’t going to happen. So I waited.

When Ref was about 4, he started calming down so I could handle another pug. But I didn’t have the money. I had no job and was studying full time. He got to 5 and I just wasn’t sure if he would cope having another pug around all of the time. He’d been an only pug for 5 years.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: Why I Chose to Get a Second Pug |

Then we found out about my dad having terminal cancer. The idea of getting another pug came into my mind again. Not knowing how long my dad would be around, I decided that it was time to start looking. All I could think about was when my dad was gone, I didn’t want Ref to be on his own. I worried that he wouldn’t cope since he was always with my dad. By then I was working full time so a puppy was out of the question. So rescue it was.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: Why I Chose to Get a Second Pug |

The process to adopt a pug isn’t always quick. You can be applying for pugs for a couple of years before the right one comes along for your family. Then of course I was quite specific in a pug that I wanted. I wanted one that had a similar age & temperament to Ref. They needed to be pretty chilled cause Ref isn’t an active pug. He doesn’t play with toys or anything. I wanted another black pug. And based on how Ref interacted with other dogs at pug meets, I wanted a female. With such specific desires, I figured it would take some time for the right pug to come along.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: Why I Chose to Get a Second Pug |

Adding a second pug to the mix can be daunting. How will they get along? What if the current one doesn’t like the new one and vice versa? How would Ref go having to share the attention? With Ref being an only pug for so long, would he cope having another pug in the house 24/7? Would he like her? The right pug in Serina came along. And much quicker than I expected. Serina fitted in well with our family. She isn’t a lap dog so Ref still occupies laps with no problems. Ref could tell Serina needed extra love and care to start with and he adjusted way better than I expected. They would check each other out occasionally but that was about it. They just did their own things. And even now after 18 months of Ref & Serina being together, I wouldn’t say they are best friends. Some days I think they tolerate each other and that’s it. Other days I can see that they like each other, though I’m pretty sure Serina likes Ref more than he likes her. But he has his moments. I have comfort in knowing that when no-one is home, they do sleep in the lounge room together. They may not be snuggled up to each other but they are usually still together. It makes that decision to get a second pug so worth it.

But my decision to get another pug when I did was the right one for our family, in more ways than I thought possible. I’m glad I chose to get a second cause now I feel at ease knowing that when my dad is gone, Ref won’t be alone.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: Why I Chose to Get a Second Pug |

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Kristy Beck

Kristy Beck

Owner & Content Producer at The Pug Diary
Kristy is the founder and editor of The Pug Diary, a photographer and pug mum extraordinaire to Ref + Serina. Kristy has combined her passion for photography with the love of pugs to bring you all of her knowledge of pugs and more to you through The Pug Diary.

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  1. Avatar David Whitehouse on July 8, 2020 at 6:30 am

    We just had to euthanize the last of our pack of 5 pugs, that we had either raised from puppies, or rescued. Her name was Parta (short for “Parta R Hearta”, her AKC registered name). The youngest of the pack, she was just 13 years and 4 months old. She arrived here at the age of 6 weeks, a beautiful brindle girl, who had been shipped to a young couple in Utah, who were unable to keep her. I am so glad she ended up here. We have raised two sisters that had 26 babies (5 litters total) in our living room. Such fun, baby Pugs are the cutest. Hard to not keep them all.
    Now we are sad and the house is way too quiet. My legs and feet are cold at night (they all slept with us, even as their number dwindled). My wife and I are 70 now, maybe time for one (or 2) more Pugs to care for here, before we get to see them all again. I know we will.
    Maybe head to “Pug Nation Rescue” in LA, but I hate to travel right now, especially to CA, so much evil
    happening. We will focus on SLC UT area for now.
    No rush, Parta (as well as Noodle, Smudge, Gizmo and Hodge) are still here, we can feel it.
    Bless them all.

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