Confessions of a Pug Mum: My Pugs are My Saviour

Confessions of a Pug Mum: My Pugs are My Saviour |

I’d be totally lost without my pugs. My pugs are my best friends. My pugs are my loves. My pugs are my saviour.

It may sound a bit dramatic but as I lie here in bed at 3am writing this instead of sleeping, it has more meaning than ever. I’m awake at 3am because my dad has been taken to hospital again. I’ve lost count of the number of times this has happened.

What you don’t know is that my dad is dying of cancer. He has been for over 2 years now. He has been in and out of hospital. Chemo. Radiation. New drugs. Pain relief. Everything that makes cancer a bitch. As I lay here in bed at 3am, the only thing keeping me sane and from bursting into tears are my pugs.

When you are woken by the sound of your dad in pain, your mum getting him out of bed to go to the hospital, all at 2am in the morning, the only thing you can do is lay awake worried. But I’m grateful that my pugs are right beside me. They may be oblivious to what is happening right now, but they are giving me comfort without even knowing it.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: My Pugs are My Saviour |

3am selfies aren’t pretty but these 2 make everything better

Serina is curled up in my arms. She just wants her usual nightly cuddles. But those cuddles mean more tonight than any other night. They are more comforting than ever. And Ref is curled up on the pillows above my head. Snoring. That snoring is comforting.

It’s not just tonight. It’s every night. It’s every day. And not just for me. But for both my parents. They are the biggest comfort in our house. They bring joy. They bring smiles. They bring love. So. Much. Love. They bring distraction. My pugs are my saviour!

If it wasn’t for these 2 little black pugs, I’d be going out of my mind. I wouldn’t have a social life. I wouldn’t have a focus. Life wouldn’t be as easy. Cancer and work would be the only things consuming my life. Instead, they get me out of the house. They have me building and sharing with this amazing pug community. Not just through this blog but Instagram and Facebook. Pugs meets too.

If it wasn’t for my pugs, we wouldn’t have lots of smiles. We wouldn’t have moments where we forget about cancer. We wouldn’t have the most comforting cuddles when we need them the most. Life is hard enough already but it would be so much harder without my pugs. My pugs are my saviour. My pugs are our saviour.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: My Pugs are My Saviour |

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Kristy Beck

Kristy Beck

Owner & Content Producer at The Pug Diary
Kristy is the founder and editor of The Pug Diary, a photographer and pug mum extraordinaire to Ref + Serina. Kristy has combined her passion for photography with the love of pugs to bring you all of her knowledge of pugs and more to you through The Pug Diary.


  1. Avatar Tammy Fahey on August 31, 2018 at 11:57 am

    So very sorry for the loss of your dad , condolences to you and family , I’m glad you have your pups , they sure do make a difference <3

    • Kristy Beck Kristy Beck on September 4, 2018 at 1:53 pm

      Thank you Tammy. I would be totally lost without these two.

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