Confessions of a Pug Mum: A Hard Decision

Confessions of a Pug Mum: A Hard Decision |

It has been 79 days since Serina was diagnosed with glaucoma. It has been 65 days since she lost complete sight in her left eye. It has been 25 days since I made the hard decision to remove Serina’s left eye. It has been 11 days since her surgery. And today, I know that hard decision was the absolute best decision I made for her.

11 days ago, I was a nervous wreck taking Serina to the vet to have her surgery. I didn’t sleep well. I couldn’t stomach food. I had a hard time thinking clearly and talking to the vet about what I packed for her in case she needed to stay the night. I held myself together, not sure how, but only until I got to the car. Then I cried. I was terrified of Serina having surgery. I knew she was is safe hands. I trust our team of vets like you wouldn’t believe. But it didn’t stop the anxiety creeping in. Even now as I write this, I still find it hard to think about that day. I never thought I’d feel like this but this little girl means the world to me.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: A Hard Decision |

That hard decision of opting for Serina to have her eye removed was the best decision I could make. I wasn’t thinking of me and how I would feel with all of this happening. The only thing I could think of was what was best for Serina. I couldn’t handle seeing her in pain every day. I couldn’t handle seeing her sad every day. I couldn’t handle her not being her usual little bossy boots. I wanted nothing more than to have my little girl back. I have that now because of that one decision. The one decision that will change the rest of her life. No more pain. No more discomfort. Just happiness. Just bossiness. That’s all.

I wasn’t quite prepared for how Serina would cope with the surgery. I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t even had a dog who needed fairly major surgery. A couple of dentals is my entire experience with surgery. And Ref being desexed but I barely even remember that. I knew there was a 50/50 chance Serina would need to stay the night at the vet. I knew she would needs stitches in for a bit and to wear a cone. I knew she would be on meds to help with her recovery. What I didn’t know was that this surgery was exactly what her body needed.

Confessions of a Pug Mum: A Hard Decision |

I picked Serina up the same day. I was so relieved she didn’t need to stay over night. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep without her. And I was worried how she would cope spending the night away from me cause she hasn’t done that since I adopted her. She was still quite groggy and sleepy from the anaesthetic. She was curled up in my arms in the waiting room whilst I waited to speak with our vet. I didn’t think she knew I was holding her. But she knew exactly where she was. She was content.

The stitches were to be in for 10-14 days. She was to be on pain meds for 7 days. Antibiotics for 10 days. An e collar, aka the dreaded cone of shame, 24/7. There was a chance of a little bleeding from the wound and some swelling. I thought she would have a hard time adjusting. I had the essential oils ready to help her cope emotionally with the loss of her eye. She was to come to my day job with me until she got the all clear from our vets. It felt like it was going to be a long 2 weeks. We got through the first 7 days. Had a check up with the vet. Everything was healing well. There was barely any swelling. No bleeding. And another follow up at day 10 to see if the stitches could be removed.

Serina is now free from the stitches and the e collar. She is happy. She is content. She is back to being her right little bossy self. No more pain. No more discomfort.

The absolute best thing I did for Serina was make that hard decision for her that really wan’t that hard. Who doesn’t want their pug to be happy and pain free right?

Confessions of a Pug Mum: A Hard Decision |

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