Fat Pugs are Not Normal | www.thepugdiary.com

Fat Pugs are Not Normal!

I have something I’ve been dying to say. You may hate me after I say it. You may just love me. It doesn’t matter either way cause I just have to say it! It’s a hard truth for some to hear. But it needs to be said. Fat pugs are not normal! The view that…
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New Year's Resolutions 2018 | www.thepugdiary.com

New Year Resolutions 2018

Yes I am going there. New Year Resolutions. But it is not so much resolutions as it is a focus. I have been thinking quite a bit over the past few weeks at what I want for life in general, for my pugs and for my blog. I read articles about New Year Resolutions and…
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The Pug Diary 2017 Reader Survey | www.thepufdiary.com

The Pug Diary 2017 Reader Survey

Today is all about YOU here at The Pug Diary. I have come up with The Pug Diary’s annual reader survey to find out what you are loving here, what you’d like to see more of and how The Pug Diary can help you and your pug live a happy & healthy life together. Now I know everyone…
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An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug | www.thepugdiary.com

An Open Letter to my Rescue Pug

I adopted Serina on 16th September 2016. It is nearly her 1st Gotcha Day. So much has happened since she came into our lives. So much has changed too. I wrote an open letter to Ref nearly 3 years ago and I thought what better way to celebrate Serina’s 1st Gotcha Day than writing an…
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