Tofu |

Tofu | Social Pug Profile

I am stoked to bring to you yet another gorgeous social pug profile and this week it is of the bow tie wearing Tofu. Tofu is a gorgeous boy from Perth, Western Australia. He is one very spoilt pug who often gets to hang out with Homer and all his other squishy face crew at the local…
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Gwen |

Gwen | Social Pug Profile

Today I bring you the latest pug in our Social Pug Profile series and this time I have the gorgeous black pug, Gwen, all the way from North Carolina, USA. Gwen has taken the time to sit down and answer the tough questions so you can all get to know her a bit better. Gwen…
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Lola |

Lola | Social Pug Profile

Today we bring you the latest featured pug in our Social Pug Profile series. We are very pleased to bring you our first International Pug, Lola who is also known as @itslolathepug on Instagram. Lola is all the way from Switzerland and lives a wonderful life that is documented by her dad who knows how…
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Wilma |

Wilma | Social Pug Profile

It’s time to bring you another awesome pug from the social media scene in our Social Pug Profile series. This week we get to share with you the awesomeness that is Wilma, also known as @apugcalledwilma on Instagram. Wilma has a very busy lifestyle being the business pug behind her mum’s blog, The Daily Mark.…
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