Paul |

Paul | Social Pug Profile

It is Social Pug Profile time again and this time I am lucky enough to have Paul from Michigan sitting down with me to answer all those tough questions I have. Paul, aka pauliepughamilton on Instagram, is an awesome little dude who always has something nice to say on Instagram. This guy will be sure to brighten up…
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Hamilton & Rufus |

Hamilton & Rufus | Social Pug Profile

The latest Social Pug Profile stars to hit The Pug Diary are an adorable duo from New York. Hamilton Pug is one of the first pugs I ever followed  on social media. I love seeing his daily photos and now to also include his brother, Rufus. They both live a wonderful life with their humans…
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Punky |

Punky | Social Pug Profile

It is time for another Social Pug Profile and this time round, we have the adorable little black pug from Canberra sitting down for an interview. Or maybe she is running around crazily whilst she answers the questions cause she is just a little pup. So let me introduce to you Punky. You will adore…
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Atom |

Atom | Social Pug Profile

Today I get the pleasure of not only introducing an awesome pug who is amazing in front of the camera, but who is also amazing in front of the video camera. This little dude is becoming an internet superstar even making TV screens via CNN. So let me welcome Atom to The Pug Diary community…
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