Car Safety Tips for Travelling with Your Pug

With so many amazing pet friendly places around these days, we all tend to travel in the car with our pugs way more than just trips to the vets. And one of the most important things when travelling in a car with your pug is their safety. Nobody wants to be in an accident where their pug gets hurt or worse because they weren’t secured safely. So check out these car safety tips for travelling with your pug.

Car Safety Tips for Travelling with Your Pug |

It’s not just about your pugs safety though. It’s your safety and the others on the road that you need to consider if your pug is not secured safely in the car. And there are road rules in place in every state in Australia to ensure the safety of all. These road rules that require your dog to be secured safely, if broken can actually lead to fines and demerit points as well. And if you haven’t secured your pet and your in an accident that leads to their injury, you can face large fines and time in jail.

The great thing about this though is that there is such a simple and cheap solution. And that is to buy a device that will meet traffic laws as well as keep your pug safe. I must say though, there are loads of products on the market that will meet the traffic laws of your state or territory but so little that will truly keep your pug safe.

So what are some options for keeping your pug safe whilst travelling in the car?

Car Safety Tips for Travelling with Your Pug |

Car booster seat: this is great for small dogs that also like to look out the indie whilst travelling. Choose one where your pug can’t stand up and move about in too much or slip out of. Make sure it can be safely secured in the back seat of your car.

Car seatbelt / tether: a popular option is to get a seatbelt attachment / tether that clips into the seatbelt in your car and clips onto your pugs harness or collar. These are adjustable to suit any size dog too and are pretty cheap to buy. Whilst these meet requirements of the law they can still be too long for your pug to be completely safe.

Car harness: there are a number of great car harness options on the market. Car harnesses can be put on your pug over their regular harness or collar and then the seatbelt of your car is put through it and clipped in so your pug is secure.

My personal pick is the Purina Roadie Harness. For about $45.00 you can make sure your pug is safe and secure in the backseat of your car. And the best part is when NRMA did testing on a range of popular car safety devices back in 2013, the Purina Roadie Harness was one of only two options that passed the their safety test. I have been using the Roadie harness for the last couple of years with Ref and I can honestly say that I have never felt better with him in the car knowing that he is safe should the unthinkable happen and we are in a car accident.

Car Safety Tips for Travelling with Your Pug |

Some extra tips for travelling with your pug:

  • secure your pug in the backseat of your car rather than the front seat as the impact of airbags can do more damage to them if deployed in a car accident
  • if your dog has a tendency to try and climb into the front seat, consider a barrier that will confine them to the back seat
  • travel crates secured in the rear of your vechile is a good option for those that are crate trained and will sleep the car trip away making it a safe option for long distance travel
  • for long trips, make sure you take regular breaks for both you and your pug. Have treats and water on hand and give this Leah’s a good stretch before getting back in the car

To read more about the results from the NRMA safety test on car harnesses, check out this online article.

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