7 Products to Keep Your Pug Cool This Summer

7 Products to Keep Your Pug Cool This Summer | www.thepugdiary.com

The hot weather has really hit Sydney a couple times already with several days hitting high 30ºC and even  40ºC in some suburbs. As I am writing this at 4pm in the afternoon, it is currently sitting at 38ºC. I struggle with the heat but I really can’t imagine what it is like for our pugs who have difficulties in keeping cool. So I am compiling a list of some items you may want to try out and get your hands on before summer actually hits.

1. Cooling Neck Tie – this Hyperkewl Dog Neck Cooler is an easy to use one where you just submerge the neck tie in cold water for 1-2 minutes. And the best part, it is just $9.95 plus postage. This is one that I recently purchased for Ref and he is trying out right now.


2. Cooling Vest – now this one you can definitely do your research on to find which one you like specifically as there are a lot on the market. I included this Cool Champions Cooling Vest as it is reasonably priced and they have a range of colours available. Check them out for sizes and colours. They start from $50 plus postage.


3. Cooling Bandana – the Cool Pup Bandanas look like another great lightweight option for pugs to keep cool. If your pugs are used to wearing bandanas, this may be the perfect option for you. They start at #23.95 plus postage.


4. Cooling Beds – this is another one to research for which you like best as there are a lot on the market. This Cool Dog Bed looks to be a comfy bed with some extra padding. They start at $50 plus postage and come in two colours.


5. Cooling Bandana – this was a more fashionable looking bandana that I came across. Another one that you can soak in water to make it cool but for at least 15 minutes. This one is another cheap option starting at $9.95 plus postage but if you are around the Paws Point Sydney area, you may be able to pick one up in store.


6. Cooling Mats – cooling mats are widely available. Ref has had one for a couple of years now. He is actually on his second. The most recent one I picked up on Catch of the Day and was a set of two. It is one of those ones that you can keep an eye out for to see it come on special. Most recently, Aldi Supermarket had them on special. But if you are looking to get one online, the same place that sells the neck tie have a range of cooling products including the mats. These mats start from $49.95 plus postage.


7. Cooling Water Bowl – if you are heading out in the heat, this cooling water bowl may be the perfect travel companion as it will keep your pugs water nice and cold for hours. And all you need is some ice cubes made up. This is also from the same place as the neck tie so you may want to pick up a few of the cooling products and save on postage. The bowl is $39.95 plus postage.


So that is my list of things you may want to pick up for your pug for summer to help keep them cool. Does your pug have something different they wear to keep them cool? Tell us in the comments what your favourite cooling item is.

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