5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pug During Pugtober

Did you know that October is actually known as Pugtober? Yep, Pugtober. So what does that mean? It means you get to celebrate your pug for the entire month of October. And by celebrate, I mean spoil your pug and show everyone how much you love your pug. So here are 5 ways to celebrate your pug during Pugtober.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pug During Pugtober | www.thepugdiary.com

Spoil them with some new toys

If your pug is one who loves toys then show them how much you love them with a new toy or two. Make them super happy and get a treat dispensing toy like a Kong Wobbler and you’ll keep them entertained for ages and enrich their lives at the same time. For a toy loving pug, you can’t go wrong with a fun new toy to celebrate Pugtober.

Spoil them with some delicious treats

Now what doesn’t say I love you then some food. Cause we all know the way to a pugs heart is through their stomach. So go all out and buy them a special treat that you wouldn’t normally buy. Treat them to some doggie ice cream or maybe some doggie beer. Grab a gourmet treat from a dog bakery or even try your hand at making them a delicious treat yourself.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pug During Pugtober | www.thepugdiary.com

Write them a letter and share it on the internet

I know you love your pug so why not share it with the world and write your pug a letter. Tell them everything that makes you happy about being their parent. Share what makes them special to you, your family and everyone else in their life. And then shout it to the world. Write your letter and share it on Facebook, Instagram, a blog you have or any other way you can think of. Sharing to the world your letter, like I did in my open letter to my pug, is a wonderful way to celebrate your pug.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pug During Pugtober | www.thepugdiary.com

Take them on a day or weekend trip

What better way to celebrate your pug by taking them on an adventure. Something fun and new is going to make for a great day or weekend trip. Perhaps you would like to take them out for the day to a dog cafe or restaurant and spoil them to a delicious meal, snack or pugaccino. Maybe even take them to be a tourist in their own town and tick some items off their bucket list and capturing those memories whilst your at it. Head on out to the local dog beach and enjoy the sun, sand and surf. Or plan a weekend away at a dog friendly hotel or other accommodation. Anyway you like, it’ll be fun for you and your pug.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pug During Pugtober | www.thepugdiary.com

Have a photoshoot together

I must say, this is definitely the one I highly recommend for all pug parents. Having a photoshoot done with a professional photographer is not only a great experience but you will have some amazing photos that celebrate the relationship between you and your pug. You can have some photos taken of just them but don’t pass up the opportunity to have a photo together. You will look back on it with fond memories for many years to come.

There you have 5 ways to celebrate your pug during Pugtober. Which will you be doing? Tell me in the comments below how you intend to celebrate your pug. I’d love to hear what ideas you have that are different to these.

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