5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Rescue Pug

5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Rescue Pug | www/thepugdiary.com
Adopting a rescue pug is as every bit of a huge commitment as it is to get a puppy. Some would say even more. A rescue pug is not just a cheap way to get a pug. There is so much more to adopting a rescue pug than most people would think. So before adopting one, here are 5 things to consider before adopting a rescue pug that will help you be prepared for what it is really like.
Time Commitment
A Rescue pug can actually be more time consuming than a puppy. And this can be for a number of reasons. You’ll need time to spend doing everything you do with a puppy like training, socialising and vet visits with a rescue pug but you’ll more than likely need to do more training, socialising and vet visits than you’d expect. You’ll need to spend more time getting them settled into your home than what puppies would usually take depending on their background. A puppy is usually settled in a few days but a rescue pug who doesn’t know what it is like to have a safe and secure home could take at least a week for them to settle in and even longer. Making sure you have the extra time to spend with them making them feel safe and comfortable in their new home is important along with gaining their trust.
5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Rescue Pug | www/thepugdiary.com
It is very uncommon to adopt a rescue pug without some sort of health issue. This means there’ll be more vet visits for continuos treatment and regular check ups. You’ll also need extra money to cover the costs of having to go to the vet more often and for any ongoing medication that they may need. It would be quite common for your pug to be on anxiety medication to help them adjust to their new life of being out of horrible circumstances. There can also be life long medical conditions that will need to be managed. Every rescue pug comes with a past that will require extra care and looking after their health so they become a happy and healthy pug.
5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Rescue Pug | www/thepugdiary.com
Every pug that goes into a rescue group or shelter will more than likely have no training in their past. You will need to spend more time training an adult pug than you probably would with a puppy as a puppy tends to learn quicker than an adult pug. If your pug has been in foster care for an extended period, their foster carer may well have been starting training basics like toilet training and sitting for food. But others who haven’t been in foster care very long will need even more training. Starting with the basics of toilet training and sitting for food is good but you may need to bring in a dog trainer to help you as training an adult rescue pug can be quite different to training a puppy.

5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Rescue Pug | www/thepugdiary.com

Socialising a rescue pug is going to be very different to socialising a puppy. A puppy will be all excited and happy to meet new dogs and people but a rescue may not be. They will quite often be scared so making sure that you introduce them to new dogs and people slowly and in small groups is a good idea. Making them feel safe and secure when introducing them to new dogs is important. But you also need to make sure they are not isolated from other dogs as this could lead them to being aggressive. Having another dog at home when you adopt a rescue will help with them being ok around other dogs as time goes on.
5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Rescue Pug | www.thepugdiary.com
The legal side of adopting a rescue pug can mean many things. Making sure that you get your pug registered for your city to show that you are their legal owner is a must. But when you adopt a Rescue pug, you also need to consider their rescue story and whether you can legally discuss their story or not. It is rather common that a pug is rescued from a puppy farm or not so great conditions. And if they are rescued from an animal inspector from somewhere such as RSPCA or Animal Welfare League, it can mean prosecution is being taken against the previous owner. This will mean that to avoid the prosecution going astray, you may not be able to talk about your pug’s rescue story. So when you consider adopting a Rescue pug, keep in mind that their history may have to be just that for legal reasons.
Adopting a rescue pug is every bit worth it but it certainly isn’t for everyone. Showing you can provide the love and commitment to them to make them feel safe, secure, happy and healthy is what it will take to adopt a rescue pug.
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