21 Awesome Dog Bucket List Ideas for Your Pug

A bucket list isn’t just for humans. Nor is it just for dogs who are dying. There are loads of things that your pug will love to do in their lifetime so why not kick off the new year by creating a dog bucket list for your pug. Here are 21 awesome dog bucket list ideas to get you going.

Eat a gourmet meal
Whether you feed your pug kibble, a raw diet or a home cooked meal, there is nothing like a special gourmet meal just for them. Whether you take your pug to a dog restaurant like Chew Chew Pet Restaurant in the Northern Sydney area or you make them a gourmet meal, they will be sure to love it.
For a home cooked gourmet meal, try this Sunday Roast Dinner from Wags Out West.

Have a birthday party
Whilst your pug may not know when it is their birthday, they will sure love the extra special attention that comes with a birthday party. An afternoon of special treats, friends and a good playtime is something your pug will absolutely love.
Check out this post on how to throw your pug a birthday party.

21 Awesome Dog Bucket List Ideas for Your Pug | www.thepugdiary.com

Ref and his friends enjoying afternoon tea at his 5th birthday party.

Get a doggy massage
Who doesn’t love a massage? It makes us feel so relaxed and refreshed that why should your pug miss out on having one. A nice relaxing doggy massage will leave your pug wanting more. Canine massage is also great for dogs with injury.
Paws4Paws in the Melbourne area specialises in canine massage.

Ride in a convertible
Isn’t it every dogs dream to ride in the car with their head out the window and the wind blowing in their face? Well why not take them on the ultimate car ride in a convertible. Not only will it be an awesome car ride for them, you will enjoy it too.

Be a pug model in a calendar
With so many pugs stepping in front of the camera and modelling so they can share photos on social media, who wouldn’t want to take their modelling to the next level and star in a calendar. Why not see if there is someone making a calendar that they can star in or create your own. It could be just for you to have in your home or you could sell it to raise money for charity.

Go on a picnic
A picnic at the park sounds perfect. And it’s not just something for the humans to enjoy. Pack a picnic lunch for you and the pug and enjoy a day out at the park with some food, fun games and maybe even a refreshing Doggie Beer or Doggie Tea.
Try this dog beer from Beerdog’s Brewhouse or some tea from Doggie Tea.

Go on a road trip
Adventures are great for both humans and dogs so why not jump in the car and take your pug on a road trip. This could just be a short road trip for the day visiting a couple of dog friendly places or something much bigger like a trip interstate. Either way, include fun activities for you all to enjoy.

Take a walk along the beach
There is just something really fun about going to the beach and getting sand between the toes and even taking a swim in the ocean. And with plenty of dog friendly beaches around, your pug will love a walk along the beach.

21 Awesome Dog Bucket List Ideas for Your Pug | www.thepugdiary.com

Ref enjoying some time at a dog friendly beach in Wollongong, NSW.

Be a dog treat taste tester
Now this would be the most awesome job for a pug to have but in case there aren’t any vacancies in the treat taste testing business, you’ll have to create one just for them by making some treats at home for them. They will love the job so much that you’ll just have to keep going with your homemade treat supply.

Stay at a luxury pet friendly resort
A family holiday sounds even better when you stay at a pet friendly resort. It could be somewhere along the coast or even in the mountains. There are lots of great pet friendly accommodation around but a luxurious resort like the Fairmont Resort in the Blue Mountains NSW sounds great.
Check out www.stayz.com.au or www.holidayingwithdogs.com.au for pet friendly accommodation options.

Run around in the snow
Whilst there a lot of ski resorts in Australia that are in national parks where dogs can’t go, there are still plenty of dog friendly accommodation available where you can take your pug for a trip to the snow. Even a day trip to a town that regularly sees snow will tick this item off your pug’s bucket list to have fun in the snow.

Meet online friends
With our pugs having social media accounts and making lots of friends via the internet, why not bring that friendship into the real world when you can. Arranging a play date at a dog park central to you and your friends is a great way for the pugs to meet but also the humans to meet too.

21 Awesome Dog Bucket List Ideas for Your Pug | www.thepugdiary.com

Ref had a playdate with his buddy from Instagram, @mrelvispugsley

Go camping
So perhaps most pugs wouldn’t like roughing it with a camping trip, some will definitely love it and the adventure of sleeping under the stars. Or perhaps it could be glamping and done in style for the pugs. Either way, getting out in nature with the pug will sure be some fun.

Visit a dog friendly winery
For the human who loves their dog and wine tasting, you can now go on wine tours with your pug. You may have to go interstate to visit a dog friendly winery but it would sure be worth the trip to a winery with your pug.
Check out Gourmet Paw Prints for Doggy Winery Tours.

Go to work with human
Dogs in the workplace are a great stress reliever. And your pug will certainly love being able to go to work with you. If it isn’t on a regular basis, you can talk your boss into joining in the fun day of Take Your Dog to Work Day which is held every year on the 1st Friday after the 19th June.

Enjoy a doggy ice cream
So whilst ice cream is not safe for dogs to consume, you can treat them to some doggy ice cream on a hot summers day as a delicious cool treat. They sure will enjoy indulging in this special dog friendly ice cream.
Make your pug some Strawberry & Banana Ice Cream for this summer.

Visit landmarks
We all love to visit landmarks within our country so why not take your pug along too. Whilst they can’t go inside, you can at least enjoy the view and snap a photo or two of your pug outside the landmark. It’ll be a great memory to have for a lifetime.

21 Awesome Dog Bucket List Ideas for Your Pug | www.thepugdiary.com

Ref outside Parliament House in Australia’s Capital, Canberra.

Raise money for a pug rescue
Doing something that will mean the world to someone else is something everyone and pug should do. So why not raise some money to donate to a charity like one of the many pug rescues. It could be selling some calendars and donating the profits, attending an event and raising money through sponsorship like the Million Paws Walk or just hitting up everyone you know for some spare cash. The donation will go a long way to help the charity.

Learn to skateboard
This sounds like so much fun that I think I’ll have to go buy a skateboard for Ref to learn it. Dogs love learning new things as it is very stimulating so why not throw in some fun things to learn like skateboarding. With some treats and a skateboard, your pug will be skateboarding in no time.

Be professionally photographed
Whilst most pugs have their photo taken daily and fill their humans phone with snaps, there really is something special about being photographed by a professional pet photographer. Your pug can be the only star of the shoot or you can make it a family affair. But whatever you do, be sure to get those photos printed and proudly display them in your home for everyone to enjoy.

Take a photo with Santa
There is always something special about Christmas with pugs. But why not make it extra special for your pug and take them to get a Santa photo. Santa photos for pets are getting more and more popular so next Christmas you will be bound to find somewhere to get that Santa photo taken.

21 Awesome Dog Bucket List Ideas for Your Pug | www.thepugdiary.com

Ref’s 2015 Santa photo, the 3rd year he has had one.

There you have 21 awesome dog bucket list ideas ready to tick off with your pug. Do you already have a dog bucket list prepared? Or are you now going to create one? What’s on your list? Share in the comments below what is on your pug’s bucket list and what has already been ticked off.

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