10 Questions to Ask Your Vet About Your Pug Part 2

How many times have you been to a vet clinic thinking – I have so many questions and things to ask the vet today! And on the way home, realise that you didn’t ask half the things you wanted to? When you’re in an unfamiliar environment with your furbaby, it can be quite stressful. I do the same thing on the way home from a doctor’s appointment. To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of common questions to ask your vet about your pug! If you missed part 1 of our 10 questions to ask your vet about your pug, check it out first!

10 Questions to Ask Your Vet About Your Pug Part 2 | www.thepugdiary.com

Is my pug on an optimal parasitic prevention?

There are four parasites that your pug needs to be protected against in Australia – heartworm, intestinal worm, tick and flea. There’s about a million and one products out there – ask your vet which product best suits you and your pug baby’s needs and lifestyle. Remember, not all the products have the same efficacy. A city living pug that dislikes the water will have a different requirement to a super active pug that loves camping with his/her hoo-man!

Why does my pug lick their paws so much?

Paw licking can be a normal grooming behaviour. However, if they are chewing and licking their paws excessively, that’s not normal. Excessive paw picking can be caused by a few things – contact allergy and any other types of allergies, anxiety, infections etc. The diagnosis is made by thorough physical exam, history taking and maybe a few diagnostic tests such as skin scraping. Treatment is different depending on the diagnosis. If you notice that your pug baby is licking the paws, ask them if that’s normal and if not, ask them what you can do to fix the condition.

10 Questions to Ask Your Vet About Your Pug Part 2 | www.thepugdiary.com

Does my pug need a face clean?

A cute squished face means cute skin folds which can cause nasty dermatitis to develop. The area between the skin folds don’t get aired out as much as they are needed, moisture can get trapped and this creates a lovely warm breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. So as a normal pug maintenance, they need their skin fold cleaned out regularly. If your regular maintenance is just not cutting it and they still suffer from dermatitis, ask them what you can do at home to keep on top of it better. Every pug is different so they’ll be able to tell you just what’s right for them.

What food is appropriate for their age? – puppy/adult/senior

We don’t really think about our dogs aging because they are our babies forever. They have different nutritional requirements as they grow and age. When they’re growing, they need to eat energy dense and calcium rich food to facilitate healthy growth and as they mature into adulthood, they need to cut down on calories to prevent obesity. As a senior, they should get optimal nutrient for whatever condition they may have – kidney disease, heart disease, liver disease, arthritis, to name a few. So ask your vet to see which diet program is best for your pug.

10 Questions to Ask Your Vet About Your Pug Part 2 | www.thepugdiary.com

Does my pug have an anal gland problem?

Anal glands are two scent glands that sit on either side of their butt hole which holds unique scent to each dog. Normally, anal gland gets emptied automatically as they poop. But in some cases, they fail to empty and the gland gets packed full of juice. This can lead to inflammation and infection of the anal gland. Infected anal gland can turn into an abscess which can burst through the skin! We do not want to get to this stage!! Consult is a great opportunity to ask your vet to check your pug’s anal gland status! They will be impressed by your knowledge!


Bonus Content: Download your free copy of our Annual Vet Check Up Questions

Print off your checklist and don’t forget a question to ask your vet at your pug’s next check up!

10 Questions to Ask Your Vet About Your Pug Part 2 | www.thepugdiary.com




I hope this article will help you ask all the right questions at your next vet consult. No question is off limits, your local veterinarian will be more than happy to help answer all your queries!

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