I’m pretty stoked to welcome Bec to The Pug Diary team. Bec is our new pug training expert and will be bringing some very handy training posts to the Pug Training 101 section. I know you will enjoy Bec’s training posts as she will help you to teach your pug new tricks and essential commands.

Bec is a certified dog trainer and has her own business Dog Manners where she has worked with many different dogs including pugs. She is also a veterinary nurse and has an extensive background in the animal industry. I’m sure you will all make her feel welcome and enjoy all of her upcoming posts. In the meantime, here is a little something from Bec so you can get to know her.

Welcome Bec to The Pug Diary Team | www.thepugdiary.com
Wynstan, a graduate of Dog Manners

Hi Guys, My name is Bec from Dog Manners & I am so excited to be invited to come on board with The Pug Diary as a dog trainer. Dog manners has been an established business for over two years now, however, I have been an active member in the dog training world for a very long time. I studied through the Delta Institute who stay up to date with the most current scientifically based methods in the dog training world. I am also a certified vet nurse.

My life has always been surrounded by dogs. As a child I was raised around the breeding world, mainly with Border Collies. I also spent time with Christine Johnson who had a program for rescuing & rehabilitating Dingoes as well as breeding dogs for the police force. Christine was my main influence to want to become a trainer. I always tried to understand animals from a very young age. I was always curious about what they were trying to say & how they felt. I love that I can now help educate others on how their pets feel & think.

Welcome Bec to The Pug Diary Team | www.thepugdiary.com
Bec’s very own Bear enjoying the Million Paws Walk

I have three furbabies at home, a 5yr old Rottweiler named Marley, a 4yr old Labrador named Bear & a 6 month old Bitza named Pip. In addition to these beautiful babies I also have 3 cats, a snake, a lizard & two beautiful daughters.

As a dog trainer I teach puppy preschool, adolescent & adult classes. I conduct private in home consultations to help people with more complicated behavioural concerns. Dog Manners also offers discounted in home consultations for new adoption dogs to help settle the new family member into the home & address any concerns the new owners may have.

Welcome Bec to The Pug Diary Team | www.thepugdiary.com
Bec training Sirius the Therapy Dog, a Standard Poodle

A typical day in the dog training world is very diverse, a class starts off the day followed by private consultations. Last weekend was a perfect example: my day started off with an introductory puppy consultation, next was a Staffy consultation that had separation issues that was causing it to break out of their home, then an adolescent class followed by a private consultation with a regular client that is training to become a therapy dog. From here I head home to update all my files & send out training programs & progression notes.

To be a dog trainer you need to be able to have good communication skills but most of all an avid dog lover. You need to be able to think outside of the box & look at things from multiple aspects. You need to be able to listen to your client, they are the one person that can tell you that their dog is not acting normal or not itself. If I have any advice for an aspiring trainer it is to study, study, study. There is so much to learn about canine cognitive behaviours & the individual actions of each breed, pugs are fascinating!

I love my job & all the amazing clients that I get to meet along the way. My favourite part of my job would have to be hearing from clients long after I have seen them, letting me know how much happier they are in their lives together.

I am very excited for this new chapter in my career & I look forward to working with you all & getting to know your furbabies.


Welcome Bec to The Pug Diary Team | www.thepugdiary.com
Dog Manners


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