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Review: Hoover Pets Bagless Vacuum

Review: Hoover Pets Bagless Vacuum |

We all know that one of the key products that anyone needs when they own a pug is a good vacuum. The fur that can be found through the home would be enough to create another pug. Or in some cases, several pugs. But finding a vacuum that is designed to and good enough to remove […] Read more…

Winston Manner Dog Accessories Review

Winston Manner Review |

Ref & I have been using the Winston Manner harness, collar & lead sets for the past 3 months as our preferred pug swag when we head out. We’ve been to pug meets, Million Paws Walk, A Pooch Affair in Canberra and on walks & outings and Ref has been the most fashionable pug around […] Read more…

Pug Life by Pet Threads Review

Pug Life by Pet Threads Review |

There is this great Aussie dog clothing online store that I have bought several outfits from for Ref. He has an awesome hipster dog shirt, a shark costume, a lion costume and some superhero costumes like Superman, Batman, Ironman and Captain America. I have a list of some other outfits I want to get Ref […] Read more…

Love That Pet Online Store Review

Love That Pet Online Store Review |

I love online shopping and I love spoiling Ref so when I was approached by Love That Pet to check out their online pet store and review it, I took up the opportunity. Love That Pet gave me a $100 gift certificate in return for placing an order with them and telling all of you […] Read more…

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