I have previously talked about why I was stoked to make the switch a raw food diet for Ref but they were just a few of the things I learnt in the first couple of months. Now I have learnt so much more about raw feeding that I thought it was time to share the extensive benefits of feeding a raw diet to your pug.

The Benefits of Feeding a Raw Diet to Your Pug | www.thepugdiary.com

A raw diet of meat, organ, raw meaty bones, fruit & vegetables is the most natural food that a pug, or any pet for that matter, can eat. It is filled with all of the nurtients they need for a healthy life and contains none of the nasties or grain fillers that processed pet food is filled with. But what are the benefits of feeding a raw diet to your pug? Keep reading…

The Benefits of Feeding a Raw Diet to Your Pug | www.thepugdiary.com

Better Poop

Are you tired of cleaning up sloppy poop especially when you are out and about? Well with a raw diet, your pug will have better poop. Yes, that’s right. Poop that is firm and even less smelly. And we all know that will make life and especially walks so much easier.

Less Smelly

Not just less smelly poops but in general, your pug will be less smelly. They produce less gas and when they do pass gas, it is not smelly. It’s not just being les gassy but their skin too. When a dog has had so much unhealthy food and toxins, their body will excrete a lot of toxins through the largest organ of their body, the skin meaning they can be very smelly. When feed a raw natural diet, your pug will have hardly any toxins to excrete and therefore smell so much cleaner. A cleaner dog means less bathing too. I only bath Ref & Serina about once every 3 months and even then, they still aren’t smelly.

Clean & Healthy Teeth

The best way for your pug to have clean and healthy teeth is to eat raw meaty bones. Chewing and tearing at raw meaty bones cleans the teeth and gums leading to whiter teeth and fresher breath. We all want those puggy kisses to smell good.


Boosted Immune System

Feeding foods that are natural, free from chemicals and inflammatory foods, your pugs immune system will be so much stronger. They are less likely to get sick, need medications and more. Their body will be more able to fight off any nasties. A boosted immune system means they are also less likely to have food allergies especially since grains are the most common cause of food allergies. Who doesn’t want a healthy pug?!?

A Beautiful Coat

Want your pug to have a shiny, soft and healthy coat? A diet consisting of natural raw food will bring that. A healthy coat starts from the inside. If your pug is eating healthy natural food, it will look after their skin and shine through in their coat. Healthy skin means healthy coat.

The Benefits of Feeding a Raw Diet to Your Pug | www.thepugdiary.com

Leaner Pug

Eating the right amount of natural and healthy food means your pug is going to be healthier in weight. A leaner pug means a healthier pug, not just a good looking pug. It puts less stress on their breathing too. When it is hotter, a pug that can breath easier will get through the hot weather easier.

The Benefits of Feeding a Raw Diet to Your Pug | www.thepugdiary.com

With so many health benefits for your pug, one of the biggest benefits of feeding a raw diet to your pug will come through to yourself. A healthy pug means less trips to the vet and more money in your pocket. With more money in your pocket, you will be able to enjoy more activities with your pug. A happy pug is a happy pug parent. And we all want that.

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