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Kristy | www.thepugdiary.comKRISTY BECK | Founder & Editor
Kristy is a photography enthusiast, proud pug mum to Ref + Serina and a supporter of small local business. Kristy started blogging about pugs as a way to fill spare time whilst looking for employment and continues to enjoy writing about pugs even whilst working full time for more than 2 years.

Kristy loves taking photos of her 2 pugs, Ref + Serina. They are her pride + joy and are the inspiration for the posts she writes about. When she isn’t writing about pugs, she is spoiling Ref + Serina with the best care possible and taking them on adventures throughout our home city Sydney, Australia. She also runs a pug meet group in Wollongong and has successfully held multiple fundraising events for pug rescue + charities.

Ref | www.thepugdiary.comREF | Chief Pug Officer
Ref, also known as The Little Dude, Reffy + Bubba; is the resident model staring in 99% of all photos on The Pug Diary. He is also the Chief Pug Officer meaning he is the first to test out all goods that come through the doors at The Pug Diary. He has never met a treat he doesn’t love more than the next one.



Serina | www.thepugdiary.comSERINA | Assistant Pug Officer

Serina, also known as Baby Girl, Missy + The Little Lady; is the newest family member. She is a rescue pug and has adjusted to a life of luxury and pampering. She is becoming quite the model and will feature more and more on The Pug Diary. She is the assistant to Chief Pug Officer Ref and will help him taste test every treat.