We all know that pugs shed like there is no tomorrow. Fawn pugs and some black pugs have a double coat and shed twice as much as single coat pugs do. And there really isn’t a way to stop the shedding. Not even shaving your pug will stop it, it merely makes the hairs shorter not less and can cause other health problems. But I am here to help with my 3 tips for minimising pug hair around the house.

3 Tips for Minimising Pug Hair Around the House | www.thepugdiary.com

Tip 1 – Brush brush brush
The best way to reduce the amount of pug hair around the house is to simply brush your pug every day for at least 15 minutes. You’ll be amazed at just how much less hair will float around the house with a daily brushing. Start with brushing their head and make your way down to the tip of their tail. Make sure to brush their sides, belly and neck. There is no part of the pug body that is free from shedding so brushing all over is a must. My tip is to brush your pug outside to avoid extra cleaning up inside. Brushing can be set aside everyday as quality pug time.
Choice of product: Zoom Groom by Kong
The Zoom Groom by Kong is not just any old brush. It is a magnet for pug hair. Made from rubber, it not only removes loose hair, it massages your pug at the same time whilst being gentle. This massaging stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and a healthy coat. The Zoom Groom is also perfect for brushing whilst bathing your pug, helping to remove loose hair during bath time.
Bonus Use: The Zoom Groom is also great for removing excess pug hair from your clothing after brushing your pug.
Where to buy: The Zoom Groom is available in Boysenberry or Raspberry colours. You can pick them up from My Pet Warehouse or take a look on eBay. The Zoom Groom is $21.99rrp.

3 Tips for Minimising Pug Hair Around the House | www.thepugdiary.com

Tip 2 – Regular Bathing
As much as your pug may hate to be bathed, it is actually really good for minimising the amount of pug hair floating around the house. Pugs shed the most during and after a bath. The good thing about this is that you can be on top of it all when it happens. A really good brush before bath time is great to loosen all of the pug hairs. Bath your pug with a pet hose that has a built in brush that will help remove loose hairs whilst washing them. Alternatively, use your Zoom Groom during bath time to help remove those hairs. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that is natural and will be great for your pug’s coat. Once your pug is nice and dry, another really good brushing is essential to remove the rest of those loose pug hairs. It is recommended that you bath your pug every 3 weeks even if they are not dirty. This will help remove all of those hairs so they don’t get trapped in their coat.
Choice of product: Essential Dog Shampoo & Conditioner
Essential Dog products are the best natural shampoo & conditioner on the market with no ingredients being harmful to your pug. They are specially formulated to be gentle on your pugs skin whist cleaning their fur and still retaining their natural oils. They are perfectly designed for all dogs and are especially great on those with sensitivities. They also contain aromatherapy blends that are gentle and designed for their aromatic properties that help to promote a pleasurable and relaxing bath time for both the dog and human. There are a range of shampoos and conditioners for those with sensitive skin and normal skin as well as one for puppies and adults to share. They also have deodorisers for in-between bath times and who doesn’t love a bit of doggie cologne.
Where to buy: You can get Essential Dog products though their online store. You will also find a list of local stockists on their site as well. Sample packs start from just $7.95.

3 Tips for Minimising Pug Hair Around the House | www.thepugdiary.com

Tip 3 – Control the Pug Hair with A Good Vacuum
You are going to be vacuuming regularly so you might as well have a good vacuum to get the job done well. Not all vacuums are created equal and designed to pick up dog hair from a range of surfaces. So choosing a vacuum with top suction is a must. In our home, we have been using Dyson vacuums for years due to their superior performance and reliability. They have proven to be the best choice in vacuum for us especially since getting Ref 5 years ago. And over the years with the animal vacuums coming out, it means that us pug owners now have a better solution for cleaning up pug hair around the house. Regular vacuuming is a must to prevent the pug hair embedding itself in surfaces like the lounge, carpet and beds.
Choice of product: Dyson DC54 Animal Pro
The Dyson DC54 Animal Pro is perfect for any pet owner with it designed to pick up loose hair from any surface. It has many features worthy of mentioning including:

  • The Dyson Cinetic sciene whereby the Dyson Cinetic tips capture the dust and pug hair that normally clogs up filters and bags in regular vacuums.
  • No additional costs as it has no bags or filters to replace when they are filled with pug hair.
  • The ball technology is an upgrade on previous Dyson models as it is now designed to effortlessly follow you around the house. Not only does it move better, it is also lighter making it better for those who may have back or limb pain.
  • The tangle-free turbine tool will be your best friend as it is perfectly designed to remove loose pug hair from upholstry. This is a new design on their previous upholstry tool making it 100 times better at removing pug hair from lounges, chairs and beds.
  • The soft dusting brush is a new attachment to the older Dyson we have had for years. It now makes dusting so much easier and more effective by removing the pug hair from other surfaces rather than just moving it around. It works wonders on lamp shades.
  • It comes with standard tools like the Tangle-free turbine tool, stair tool, swivel hard floor tool, soft dusting brush, flexi crevice tool, combination accessory tool, stubborn dirt brush tool and the turbine head that is suitable for hard floors to carpet.
  • The Dyson DC54 Animal Pro is approved for allergy sufferers as it expels cleaner air than any other vacuum.

The biggest problem area in our house for pug hair is actually my bed as Ref spends more time in my bed than anywhere else in the house. Check out this photo showing what Ref’s pillows look like on my bed normally and then after using the Dyson DC54 Animal Pro on them.

3 Tips for Minimising Pug Hair Around the House | www.thepugdiary.com

Where to buy: The Dyson DC54 Animal Pro is available from Dyson’s Online Store for $1,099 rrp.

Other handy items to have around the house:

  • Lint rollers to remove hair from clothing
  • A De-shedding tool to use once a week to remove stubborn hairs from the undercoat of a pug
  • A brushing mit as it can help to get to awkward brushing areas on your pug’s body
  • Supplements such as flaxseed oil and linoleic acid can help reduce shedding (seek Veterinary advice first)
  • A rubberised broom for quick clean ups between vacuuming

3 Tips for Minimising Pug Hair Around the House | www.thepugdiary.com

What other tips would you give to help minimise the amount of pug hair around the house? Do you have a favourite grooming tool to use?

***Disclaimer: Dyson Australia approached The Pug Diary to trial the Dyson DC54 Animal Pro vacuum cleaner. By accepting, I received a complimentary Dyson DC54 Animal Pro to use at home. At The Pug Diary, I only recommend products that I know, use regularly and trust. In my family, we have used Dyson products for more than 10 years so I will gladly recommend a Dyson.***

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